Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT)

VHT is a holistic, non-diagnostic, discipline, consisting of a series of non- invasive gentle moves over connective soft tissue which assists the body to attain the state of homeostasis wherein the body is encouraged to address any problem that it may have.

VHT may be looked upon quite simply as a bodywork gift from the practitioner to the client. The VHT move is gentle and performed in a prescribed pattern irrespective of the clients' complaint. It allows the body to begin to self heal and takes an Holistic approach by addressing the body as a whole and not just symptomatic areas. In this way VHT can help with problems in which the client didn't visit the Practitioner for i.e the pain experienced could be due to an issue in another area of the body.

Many clients notice a marked improvement in their posture after a session. VHT is a myofacial release modality and is carried out over fascial meridian chains within the body. It is also a trigger point release modality, working over specific trigger points and releasing trauma in them although this is not the intent.

Overall it is a body balancing modality and allows the body to begin to reset and re-balance itself, and can be deeply relaxing.

Rebecca qualified in 2011 and will work on people at her home or your own-whichever is most convenient for you.

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