Testimonials for VHT

"This was my first experience of VHT and I was impressed. I like the fact that it is very holistic and found the whole experience a very positive one. It was very non invasive and gentle, and I found it very relaxing. I was in a lot of pain when I first went and certainly felt better after a couple of treatments.
Rebecca was very attentive to my problems and her attitude was one of helpfullness and concern. I found the treatment was carried out in a very professional manner and I was particularly impressed that between treatments she had taken the time to do some research to try and get to the root of my problems, and that concern continued, even after I had finished my visits. Rebecca was very thorough and very good at explaining aspects of the treatment."
- Linda Sandercock

"My experience of VHT is an excellent treatment. I take care of horses and due to this, do a great deal of manual work. I also do a lot of hill walking. After each session, I feel relaxed and very free in muscular movement. Rebecca is very through in her assessment of the problems being experienced. Very efficient and calm. I have recommended her to several aquaintances who work in horse who find the same. She is very careful to let us know aftercare - water intake and when to resume exercise. Cannot do without her. I am 59 and my 27 year old daughter who competes at dressage feels the same."
- Susan Boyd, Bridestowe, Devon.